Baladi is a Lebanese Manouche restaurant in the heart of Den Haag offering a product menu that does not currently exist in the area. Manouches are flat bread that are made to order and include healthy and fresh toppings such as thyme with olive oil, strained yogurt (labneh), cheese, spinach and meat. Manouches are tasty, healthy, low in calories and most of all easy on the wallet ;)
We also offer a wide range of Lebanese desserts and delicacies such as Knefe and sfouf (turmeric based cake) as well as Lebanese drinks and refreshments such as Jallab (drink made from raisins and grapes), ayran (made from fresh yogurt) and Lemonade.
Our motto is "if you wouldn't eat it don't serve it" which is why we serve the best quality Manouche every single time!

Feel free to contact us for your custom catering orders of Lebanese Meza and main dishes.

A Little About Us

We are a Lebanese couple who recently moved to the Netherlands to share our love for cooking and Lebanese street food. We believe food is a great way to bring people together that is why our concept is based on good fresh food and a nice experience. Who knows, the next time you come in you might make a new friend or two while enjoying your favorite meal! :)



Baladi Manouche

Torenstraat 95


Den Haag

Tel: 0619891597


Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Wednesday: 09:00-18:00

Thursday: 09:00-20:00

Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 09:00-18:00