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Baladi is a Lebanese Manouche restaurant in the heart of The Hague, offering a product menu that does not currently exist in the area. Manouches are flat breads that are freshly made to order and consist of homemade toppings such as cheese, Falafel, Zaatar and Shawarma.

We pride ourselves on the food quality and the fact that everything is made daily and completely new (yes, even the Hummus !!). One thing is certain and that you will get an authentic taste of Lebanon when you visit Baladi.

Pass by or order online via Thuisbezorgd,or Uber Eats

 Opening Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00-18:00

 Check out our interior below!

  • Bulgari 5€
  • Cheese 5.5€
  • Chicken tawouk 7€
  • Eggplant fatteh 6.5€
  • Eggs & kawarma 7€
  • Kishek 4.5€
  • Halawa 4€
  • Labneh wrap 5.5€
  • Falafel wrap 6.75€
  • Lahme b Ajin 6€
  • Half Zaatar Half Cheese 5€
  • Shawarma 7.75€
  • Hummus wrap 5.5€
  • Cheese & Soujok 7€
  • Zaatar 4€