We are proud to sell Lebanese Manouches made to order. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or a meat lover, we have something for everyone.

You can even replace our regular dough with a gluten-free and enjoy everything on the menu! 
Breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack or even dinner! Manouche is for everything!

Pass by or order online via Thuisbezorgd, or  Uber Eats .

 Opening Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00-18:00





*please scroll down for allergy information

*all our meats are halal

Labneh Wrap (vegetarian)
   Homemade strained yogurt topped with fresh cucumbers, mint, tomatoes, olives, mint and olive oil  5.5€  

Zaatar & Cheese (vegetarian) Dried thyme, sesame seed and oil mix with white melted cheese 5€

Cheese & Soujok melted Akkawi white cheese topped with specialty spiced beef 7€

Lahme B Ajin minced beef mixed with onions and tomatoes 6€

Hummus Wrap (vegan) homemade hummus topped with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, mint & olive oil 5.5€

Cheese (vegetarian) Melted Akkawi white cheese topped with roasted sesame seeds 5.5€

Falafel Wrap (vegan) homemade baked falafel topped with parsley, pickles, tomatoes and tahini sauce 6.75€

Bulgari (vegetarian) crumbled sheep cheese topped with onions, tomatoes and olive oil 5€

Eggs & Kawarma baked eggs and beef cooked in lamb fat 7€

Shawarma Wrap Homemade beef shawarma mixed with grilled paprika & tomatoes, topped with parsley, pickles and tahini sauce 7.75€

Chicken Tawouk Wrap Homemade chicken tawouk mixed with corn and mushrooms, topped with toum (garlic sauce) and pickles. 7€

Eggplant Fatteh (vegan) Grilled Eggplants mixed with onions & tomatoes, topped with tahini sauce, roasted pine nuts and olive oil 6.5€

Kishek (vegetarian) Sundried milled yogurt & wheat mixed with onions and tomatoes 4.5€

Zaatar (vegan) Dried thyme and sesame seed mixed with oil 4€


Halawa Manouche Flatbread topped with sweet tahini and pistachio paste 4€

Knefeh Melted white cheese topped with semolina & butter mix 5.5€


Jallab Homemade with grape molasses and rose water 3.5€

Lemonade Homemade with freshly squeezed lemons 3.5€

Ayran Homemade yogurt drink 3.5€

Hot Drinks Arabic Coffee, tea.. 2€

Cold Drinks Cola, fanta… 2.5€


make it gluten free 1€ --We work with regular flour a lot and so even Gluten Free options may contain traces of flour

Master Lebanese Salt & Vinegar chips  1€

Add Labneh 1€

Add Veggies 1.5€

Add Cheese 1€

Add Hummus 1€